Saturday, August 17, 2019

Week 10 ~ Channeling Our Superhero!

We were encouraged to create ourselves as a superhero.

Meet Empowered ElizaBeth!

I have the ability to be strengthened by WILL-Power!

I got a bit serious when it came to making me up as a "superhero!" 

How do you create a superhero?

I made a list of all the 'E' words that pertained to being energized, motivated, and passionate about losing this weight, and EMPOWERED, fit perfectly with Elizabeth.

When I googled for an image to use as y superhero, I found a comic series all about a funky superhero, who is awkward, insecure, getting herself into predicaments now and then, and that's me in a nutshell.

Though I don't totally feel like her, nor would you catch me wearing an outfit like that, her ability to display will-power even when things aren't going exactly right just fits.

I'm even a bit curious now to read a few of her adventures.

Empowered, Volume 1

(Empowered #1)

Various (Illustrator)
Nate Lovett (Illustrator)
 3.78  ·   Rating details ·  1,275 ratings  ·  134 reviews
Not only is costumed crimefighter "Empowered" saddled with a less-than-ideal superhero name, but she wears a skintight and cruelly revealing "supersuit" that only magnifies her body-image insecurities. Worse yet, the suit's unreliable powers are prone to failure, repeatedly leaving her in appallingly distressing situations... and giving her a shameful reputation as the lamest "cape" in the masks-and-tights business. Nonetheless, she pluckily braves the ordeals of her bottom-rung superheroic life with the help of her "thugalicious" boyfriend (and former Witless Minion) and her hard-drinking ninja girlfriend, not to mention the supervillainous advice from the caged alien demonlord watching DVDs from atop her coffee table . . .

My affirmation is...

Since I use Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime" for my workouts, I am a Diamond Taking Shape!

Noomnerds have a way of keeping it real with some excellent tips and games, that get us on the track they know we need to be on.